Our specially constructed Panoramic curved glass – quality and reliability!

Some of you may have seen the Buying Guide on our website which is designed to help answer many of the typical questions that arise when buying a wood burning stove for the first time. Occasionally, we’re asked about the glass we use and the potential for breakages and expensive replacement glass.

Nippon Electric Glass (NEG) through Ceramic Glass Ltd are the Japanese glass manufacturer and agents of our specially constructed curved ceramic glass, NeoCeram, as featured in our Panoramic FX1 and FX2 stoves. NeoCeram delivers premium qualities and benefits to our stoves, including:

  • A superior surface finish when compared with any other brands of ceramic glass. This improves visual clarity as there is no texture to the glass surface. The superior finish does not so easily allow for carbon deposits to form on the glass. This allows for a better view of the flames when in use, and reduces the need for glass cleaning.
  • NeoCeram comprises a Silica Coating as standard which helps to prevent damage to the surface of the glass (crazing and pockmarking) caused by acid release during the combustion process.

The proven qualities of NeoCeram contribute significantly to the overall reliability and beauty that sets our stoves apart. Since 2009, we’ve manufactured and sold over 2,000 stoves – not one of these made-to-order customer stoves has been returned to our factory.

So you can feel assured that our stoves offer reliability and are made using the finest materials.