Contemporary Wood Burner

Help to make your house a home with our contemporary wood burning stoves. Not only do our stoves offer you a reliable source of heat, but they also can give your room an impressive focal point by adding and creating a beautiful ambience. A contemporary wood burning stove can be a wise investment due to its ability to save you money on your energy bills in the long run, whilst also being an environmentally friendly alternative to normal heating. View the key benefits and other information below.

List of benefits:

  • Contemporary finish
  • 8kw Output
  • Panoramic view with the curved glass
  • Carbon neutral
  • 5 year guarantee

Benefit 1 –

Contemporary finish

Future Fire’s contemporary wood burning stoves offer a modern style with a unique design. Meaning that you are able to have a beautiful contemporary and easy on the eye wood burning stove within your home, that is not only elegant but also entirely practical. Why not give your room a focal point that can meet your contemporary aesthetics?

Benefit 2 –

8kW Wood Burning Stove

Our 8kW wood burning stoves have an impressive output when in use. This means that they are suitable for heating medium sized rooms for maximum effect. Our wood burning stoves help to decrease your energy bills by heating your home, by reducing the amount you rely on your other sources of heat.

Benefit 3 –

Panoramic view

Our contemporary wood burning stoves have panoramic view curved glass, the design enables the stove to have an impressive visual impact on the room. As well as providing a great ambience and feeling of cosines that a normal stove would not be able to provide. Why not make a statement and give the room the wow factor by having a contemporary wood stove added to your home.

Benefit 4 –

Carbon neutral

With everyone taking more steps towards being more carbon neutral and environmentally friendly, the matter is never far from the mind. Our contemporary wood burning stoves can help you to reduce those footprints and make you less reliant on your traditional heating methods. Wood is a carbon neutral source of renewable energy, so you are able to heat your home whilst maintaining your carbon neutral footprint.

Benefit 5 –

5 year guarantee

All of our contemporary wood burning stoves come with a 5-year guarantee, allowing you to have peace of mind and relax whilst enjoying your stove. The guarantee that we provide covers you from any defects that may arise due to faulty workmanship and that may affect you operating the stove. You can find out more information about this guarantee and what it covers in detail at our FAQ’s here.

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