Future Fires Hetas Registered Installation Service UK Wide

Here at Future Fires we take the installation of your stove very seriously, so much so that we offer a full 5 year guarantee on all the parts and installation to give full peace of mind.

Our team of installers are centrally located in England and travel the length and breadth of the UK ensuring all our installs are of equal high quality.

To enable us to offer a price for this service we firstly ask for 2 photographs, 1 of the site where you wish to place the stove and 1 of the outside from a distance where the pipe or chimney will terminate. This picture will determine access etc and allow us to offer a costing for your install.

We are also the only stove manufacturer in the UK that will travel to you, we can even bring the stove for you to look at while we discuss your installation! There is no obligation to buy and it removes the need for middle men charging commissions meaning any savings can be passed on to you the customer. Contact us for more details on 01709 581168 or email [email protected]

Safety Comes First

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about safety. Undoubtedly, a stove isn’t just any other home accessory or appliance – it can potentially cause harm if not correctly installed. With that in mind, you’d want the best hands-on job.

Our advice to anybody looking to buy a wood-burning or multi-fuel stove is to always have it installed by a professional. We offer access to HETAS-registered stove installation professionals working for us.

What is HETAS?

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