Our Values

Beautifully contemporary wood burning stoves

Thoughtfully designed and manufactured in laser-cut sheet steel to the highest standards. We meet the needs of discerning home owners and interior designers who want stoves that are modern, well designed and made to last.

Dedicated to design

Creating the ultimate contemporary wood burning stove starts with superior design, so we partnered with renowned British designer Simon Pengelly. We love thoughtful, ‘quiet’ design and creating products that look beautiful and function well. We want the appearance, the construction and the materials of our stoves to provide an ongoing source of delight.

Innovation and independence

We don’t follow the crowd or trends. We do things our way and are bringing the wood burning stove into the modern age.

Quality obsessed

Proud of the quality of what we make and the service we provide. We invest in the latest production techniques to constantly stretch what is possible in stove design, performance and durability. We are quality assurance accredited to the ISO 9000 standard.

Traditional skills

Although our design aesthetic and manufacturing process is contemporary, we value traditional metal working skills and are proud to make each stove uniquely to order in our own factory in the UK.

Environmentally friendly

With real emphasis being put on us to be environmentally friendly, now is the time to consider your use of alternative fuels. Wood burning is an extremely efficient way of heating your home, and by choosing our stoves you can make a real difference to carbon emissions. Wood is classed a carbon neutral as it consumes more CO2 whilst growing than it emits whilst burning.

Customer choice

We offer design-minded customers genuine choice when selecting a wood burning stove – in appearance, materials and a choice of six standard colours and custom colours by arrangement.


We team up with specialists and experts in both manufacturing and design to ensure our products are contemporary and cutting edge. We listen to interior designers so we can help them meet changes in taste. And we support our sales and distribution network to nurture their support in representing us to consumers.


We’re based in Yorkshire where people speak their minds and can be relied upon to do what they say.