Our Story

The desire to have a safe, energy efficient alternative to an open fire has made wood burning stoves immensely popular. As the focal point of a room, their design has a huge impact on the mood of a space. Yet, for far too long, stoves in the UK have been stuck in the past. They repeat designs and features that wouldn’t look out of place in a Victorian home. That’s why Future Fires was created – to bring the wood burning stove into the modern era.

To develop truly contemporary stove designs, we sought out designers with the ability to rethink the most established, traditional household objects. Leading British furniture designer Simon Pengelly, our partner on the Panoramic and Bollente ranges, creates what he calls ‘quiet’ design: products with a pure, simple aesthetic that are easy on the eye, pleasurable to touch and satisfyingly simple to use. That is our aim too: we want to create stoves that provide an ongoing source of delight in people’s lives.

Our stoves are superbly built. Since 2009, we’ve sold over 2,000 stoves and not one has been returned. Each stove is made from laser-cut sheet steel, bringing a smoother finish than cast iron and enabling us to offer a choice of colours. We do not outsource production offshore. Instead, we create each stove at our factory in Rotherham, South Yorkshire using the latest manufacturing techniques. It lets us maintain complete control over the conditions, ensuring each product is built exactly to our specification.

Steel is in our blood: we have run a steel manufacturing business in Rotherham since 1997 and are quality assurance accredited to the ISO 9000 standard.

Collaboration is key to our success. We have built strong relationships with a network of distributors and sales outlets across the UK by offering them attentive unrivalled aftersales support.

The search for perfection goes on. We will continue to look for ways to rethink the wood burning stove, providing discerning home owners and interior designers with the freedom to choose. By continually leading the way we will ensure our position as makers of the most beautiful contemporary stoves.