Panoramic FX2

The beautifully contemporary easy on the eye Panoramic FX2 is a smaller more compact version of our most successful fire, the Panoramic FX1. However, this 5kW contemporary wood burning stove is still perfect for most homes. Making it not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

Offering a fresh and innovative design, perfectly engineered for a traditional method of heating, the FX2 was designed to be small enough to fit in smaller rooms and within a standard sized fireplace recess, if required, yet still able to fit good sized logs in the firebox.

Its unique and minimalist elliptical design provides the perfect focal point of a room, combined with the benefit of burning a carbon-neutral fuel in the form of seasoned hardwood logs.

Made from laser-cut sheet steel at our factory based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. The FX2 features one of the largest glass doors available (relative to its size), offering an unrivalled wide view and the illusion of a good size open log burning fire.

Explore our Panoramic FX2 in 3D

With our 3D Viewer from Sayduck you can really explore how the Panoramic FX2 looks in 360° view and in your choice of our six standard colours. You can move and rotate the 3D model yourself and select colours from the left-hand menu. Check out the right-hand menu for dimensions, to share on social media, download the Sayduck app to see our stoves in your home, take photos, and more. Enjoy!

Our stoves are available in a choice of six 'standard' colours.

Additional 'custom' colours are available on request, so please contact us directly if you wish to discuss this option.

Colour Accuracy

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the colours you see here on screen are as close as possible to the actual paint colours we use to make all wood burning stove orders. Unfortunately, technology does come with certain limitations so we cannot guarantee an exact colour match as images and colours will vary depending on your screen settings and resolution. We advise that if you have a concern about colour accuracy then please do contact us and request that we send you a true colour sample by post prior to placing your order with us.