Future Fires is the leading online destination for exclusive woodburning stoves. Please browse our revolutionary fires. Our wood burning stove range stuns from all angles and gives the appearance of a large open fire. Rest assured, a stove from us will give you a unique home experience.

Futurefires presents a revolutionary design to the world of wood burning stoves- Panoramic FX1.

Panoramic FX1 with its advanced clean-burning technology is a traditional, clean and efficient way of burning fuel which can provide an effective source of heat. It can burn for longer and also comes with an optional multi-fuel conversion grate. Our stoves are easy to operate, clean and can be left burning for several hours before refuelling.

With a captivating and aesthetic design that will not only warm your space effectively but also becomes the centre of attraction of your living room. The elegant elliptical stove design with its extra large viewing window will suit all spaces and stuns from all angles and gives the appearance of a large open fire. And more interestingly, you can select the colour scheme of the front panels to match your decorations and furnishings.

We have designed Panoramic FX1 focussing on it being environment friendly. Our woodburning stoves come with an Airwash system that helps you take much less time when cleaning the stove. The Airwash technology stops the glass from getting tarred so the glass will stay clean even after many hours of usage.

We at Futurefires manufacture wood burning stoves by hand in the UK at our South Yorkshire factory. We make prompt deliveries on the date specified and will inform you prior for delays during peak seasons.

For the most contemporary and stunning wood burning stove on the market contact us now!!

Panoramic FX in action

Watch Panoramic FX1 in action
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“The wood burner looks stylish and is a real statement in our barn conversion. ”

D C Hopkins