See our beautiful stoves in your own home, today!

See our beautiful stoves in your own home, today!

Thinking of buying one of our wood burning stoves but having trouble imagining what it will look like in your home?

Using the free Android and iPhone app Sayduck, you can now view a 3D model of our Panoramic FX1, FX2 and Bollente stoves, in your choice of our six standard colours, literally right where you might plan for it to be installed in your own home. Move them, rotate them, and immediately learn if the size and style is right for a particular space in your home. Thanks to Sayduck, you can experiment with possibilities until you find the perfect choice and fit.

Simply download the Sayduck app onto your mobile or tablet. Once installed, search for Future Fires, select a stove that interests you and follow the instructions to place this stove in your chosen location to see it in your home. Sayduck is free, easy to use, great fun and helps you instantly visualise whether our stoves will be a good fit and how they will look in your home before you buy one.

The app is also used by interior designers and architects that wish to quickly show clients a mock-up of a Future Fires stove installation.

Download Sayduck on the App Store here
Get Sayduck on Google Play here

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